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  • The Keeper of Lost Things – a reading guide
    Imagine getting the chance, or maybe “task” is a better word, to find the people that have lost one of the items in the enormous collection of lost things your former employer has gathered over the years. Now imagine the stories behind each of those objects. Imagine finding out the reason why these items were collected by your former employer. That is what The Keeper of Lost Things is about.
  • A Place called Winter – a review
    This novel tells you the life of a gentleman in London around 1900. It also tells you the life of a pioneer in Canada around 1900. When you think these are two quite different lives, you are absolutely right. I am sure you are intrigued when I tell you that it is the same man living both these lives. It gets even more intriguing…
  • Us – reading guide
    In “Us” we follow Douglas on a trip through Europe. He sets off with his wife Connie and their teenage son Albie. Albie would actually have preferred to go to Ibiza with his friend, but his artist mum Connie thought a “grand tour” would be the perfect holiday for him now he is ready to leave the nest. Douglas is not too keen on the trip either after Connie announced, quite unexpectedly for him, that she thinks their marriage is over. However, since it was all booked anyway, Douglas decides to make the best of it and sees this trip as an opportunity to win back his wife’s love and to improve his relationship with his son.
  • The Midnight Library – a reading guide
    A second chance at life to undo regrets, make different decisions, lead a different live. Who wouldn’t want that? The Midnight Library gets you pretty close to this experience. You can follow what a second chance at life means for the protagonist Nora. It is a book full of life questions, philosophy, metaphors and symbolism. In other words: a perfect book for book clubs!
  • The Silent Patient – a reading guide
    The Silent Patient is a highly original thriller, a fast read and a literary feast. There is lots to discuss as a book club: about the story and about literature in an accessible way, so a perfect book club pick I’d say! Below you find all you need to make sure your discussion will be divers and lively, including ice-breakers and activities related to the book.
  • A good enough Mother – a review
    This is the debut novel of Bev Thomas, a former clinical psychologist. When you read the book, you feel that she knows her trade! The novel deals with the intriguing question: Am I a good enough mother? The answer is not that simple. That’s what the protagonist, Dr Ruth Hartland, finds out in this dark book full of tension. As a therapist Ruth is helping a young man who looks very much like her son. That sounds innocent enough. However, her son has disappeared and she is left completely in the dark about his motives for disappearing. She also hasn’t got the slightest ideas where he might be and whether he is still alive. She thinks she can keep her private loss and problems at home when working, but can she?
  • The Silent Patient – a review
    Expect the unexpected in the phycological thriller “The Silent Patient”. I have finished this book in two days. It was absolutely impossible to put it down and despite many guesses from my side, I didn’t see the end coming at all. Maybe you will…
  • The Mother-in-Law – a reading guide
    Most of us have got family, maybe even in-laws. The complexity of family relations and communication is what drives the story in The Mother-in-Law. It is a fast read, switching between present and past. You read the story through the eyes of Lucy and her mother-in-law Diana.